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Air ovens

Fireplaces with water circuit

Gas stoves

Modular fireplaces

Gas heaters

Gas burners

Gas stoves

Cast iron stoves

Steel furnaces

Tiled stoves

Pellet stoves

Wall mounted bio fireplaces.

Corner biofireplaces

Portal bio-flues

Garden burners

Bio garden fireplaces


Glass for fireplace

Various accessories


Stones: crimson quartzite, jadeite, talcochlorite.



Covering for walls and shelves.

Sauna stoves and sauna heaters

Sauna doors: glass and wood.

Anatomical headrest

Luminaires and LED lighting for saunas.

Infusions of alder and oak

Scoops: cherry, beech, linden.

Oak bathroom cubes

Cubes made of oak wood

Unloading devices

Himalayan salt in a bar and finely chopped

Oak barrels for wine

Range of oak whirlpools

Modular barrel baths


Whirlpool baths are manufactured with a total height of 1.4 m.
Fountain depth 1.2 m
Diameter 1.1 m; 1.5 m; 1.8 m; 2.0 m.




Siphon with drain plug


The principle of accepting everything from nature to health and beauty is at the heart of the Turkish bath Hammam. The people of the East have been using this storehouse of youth and strength for a long time. Our people believe that the hammam is really just a Turkish bath. But the technique is deeper than it sounds. Hammam is the name that brings together public places where they evaporate. But it’s not just hygiene. The Turkish bath Hammam is a philosophical event, a special culture that is several hundred years old.

The Turkish bath Hammam tradition includes:

Cleansing the body, nourishing the skin with peeling in the hammam;

Recovery with the help of breathing practices;

Relax and enjoy.

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